Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not your typcial Zombie tale


It is the season of Death.

The reign of the Corpse.

Dead Fall . . .

That is the title of my self-published Kindle tale.

It's not your average zombie fare. Sure it has some of the prerequisites of the genre: Undead, gore, a sense of nihilism and end-of-the world overtones, but that is where the comparisons to cinema and the glut of zombie literature end.

The story centers around a 67 year old woman who finds herself smack dab in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse.  During this undead nightmare she discovers her inner strength, laments the mistakes of her past and mourns for the family and life she has lost.

Her journey begins as the world ends.

Also availbabe in various e-pub formats on Smashwords.

End of the world zombie goodness and a derivative narrative for less than a buck!

Dead Fall Kindle version

Dead Fall Smashwords versions

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