Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexy snippet from Darker side of Heaven

I'd like to share a hot excerpt from my erotic paranormal romance- The Darker side of Heaven. Now available on Amazon Kindle!!

The Darker side of Heaven- Kindle

Adam's eyes widened; his nostrils flared. Sexually charged pheromones permeated the air.
"Good Evening, April."
So much for no distractions.
She stood in the doorway clad in a tight, Harley Davidson, long-sleeved T-shirt, snug, very short, jean shorts, and brown Ugg boots. She looked every inch the modern
Lolita seductress.
"Did I come at a bad time?" April asked, placing a blood red fingernail to her lips.
"Understatement of the year, I'd say it's colossally poor timing."
Adam gazed upon her body as she slinked toward him. The exaggerated sway of her hips, her thumbs hooked in her belt loops, pulling her shorts down just enough to expose her navel, affording him a glimpse of smooth skin above her sex.
His cock twitched.
Fuck me.
"Oh, Adam Blake, I intend to."
He grimaced. Her hormonal scent wreaked havoc with his supernatural senses. He hadn't meant to project his thoughts.
"This really is not such a good time. Your mother called the Sheriff's station. She's worried about you, rightly so tonight. The woods aren't safe."
April laughed, running her hands over the lithe contours of her body.
"The woods aren't the only thing that isn't safe tonight. She glanced at Adam's crotch. "Your cock, for starters."
Adam clenched his jaw. April's presence was a major distraction, one he did not need, particularly not so soon after consuming Cassie's potent cocktail. The girl was playing a dangerous game.
"I'm flattered, April, but I don't have the time. I'm going to take you home as soon as I get dressed."
"No, it's not okay. The hell with my mother, I'm twenty-three, not a toddler. Just because she's a sexually repressed witch doesn't mean I have to be. I want you, all of you, and not one fiber of clothing on that magnificently sculpted body. The only thing that should be on it is my tongue."
His cock strained against the zipper of his jeans. He could see her carotid pulse seductively, hear her labored breathing, the rhythmic beating of her heart.
"Be careful what you wish for, little girl."
"You will come to know I am not a little girl, but a woman who unconditionally
offers herself to you, mind, body, and soul. Take me, Adam Blake. Bury your cock deep inside me. Forget the stupid bitch Brightman; forget every woman in your life. Drink of my blood, which burns hot for you. Mark me, and I shall become the sun you cannot feel upon your body."
He was on her in an instant, roughly pushing her against the wall with enough force to dislodge a framed picture.
His cock pulsed behind the denim, aching for release, aching to be shoved between her trembling thighs, savagely violating her feminine core.
"Is this what you desire, April Rayne?" His voice raspy, threatening.
"Y-yes, take me. Fuck me. Do with me what you will. I'm yours."
Adam caressed her heaving chest through her T-shirt, and then pulled it up, exposing her perfectly rounded flesh. He ran a hand over her creamy skin, cupping the generous heft of her breast. He squeezed her buttocks with the other, eliciting a moaning sigh from April as she thrust her hips, writhing against his rigid length.
"Oh god, fuck me now! I want you inside of me. I want to come, and then I want to suck you, taste you, lick my desire off your cock!"
His fangs elongated.
"Then you shall come to know all of me."
April moans turned to screams.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flash Fiction Sunday

                                               ~A Fall From Grace~

I could not argue with what she said, her spoken words undiluted truth.
I reached to caress her face. She recoiled, disgust curling her lips into a sneer.
“Grace, please, don’t be like this.”
I did not relish the anguished tone of my voice.
She regarded me through narrowed eyes. To her, I was a vile thing. A Creature. Contempt glittered in her dark eyes.
“What the hell did you expect, Nick?”
Her tone accusatory.
I accepted her to swoon, truthfully. An absurd thought, I know. A sigh to escape her full, red lips, guiding my hand over raised flesh. Nipples pebbling as I gingerly rolled them between thumb and forefinger. I wanted her to react when we first meet.
 When we made love.
 When I was alive.
I made a pact with the Devil, a demon in a shimmering red dress. I should have known.
Lies are best whispered in dark places.
I was promised immortality, forever irresistible, a mere look or the faintest of touches; I would have anyone I desired.
  They would adore me; worship me until the end of days.
 Not so with Grace.
 She could always see through me.
 No exceptions. I knew what she saw; her gaze pierced the gossamer veil of humanity cloaking me, nothing more than a ruse.
She was right.
I am a monster.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flash Fiction Sunday


Sci-fi snippet under two hundred words. Enjoy.

                         ~         Darkness awaits     ~

I could have clubbed the skinning bastard with it.  Probably would have made less noise, too.

She dropped the weapon. It thudded on the grated decking. The sound reverberated in her ears, which were still ringing from the report of the pistol in the tight confines of Way Station Omega.

 The air dank, fetid, like a crypt.

Your tomb.

She shook herself from her grim reverie, recalling an ancient Terran adage an instructor at the Protectorate Imperia often quoted:

Character is what you are in the dark.

 The power cells were fading, radiating a sickly yellow pall as if the whole station were a diseased organism.

Not diseased.


No more thoughts of death, for when it came, she would embrace it, like the inevitable dark.

In the blackness, these murderous things would indeed come to know her true character.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sensually sinister snippet

I'm in a  devilish mood and wish to share with you a excerpt from Chapter Three of my edgy, paranormal erotic romance- The Darker side of Heaven. Enjoy the simmering sexual malice.

Chapter Three

The Rinker 400EC sliced through the water, the waves parting like an eager lover's thighs. Carmella Cervantes eased back on the chrome throttle; the power of the engines reverberated in her hand. The tang of the Great South Bay filled her nostrils. Twinkling lights from Fire Island reminded her of fireflies dancing above the shoreline. The cool air washed over her raised skin, both sensuous and chilling at the same time. Her erect nipples ached as the wind kissed the jutting pink bits. Incredibly alive, incredibly hot, basking in the primordial essence of the water around her, she caressed her flat stomach, her fingers trailing between her legs. She teased the engorged nub of her sex. Her thighs quivered as she slipped a finger inside her wet folds.
"You are quite the insatiable one."
She whirled around, startled by his voice. She withdrew a perfectly manicured
fingernail, resting it upon her full lower lip. Her tongue glided over her teeth as she grinned. Her gaze fell to the man's thick shaft. It swung low and heavy, glistening wetly in the wan light of the moon. He was chiseled perfection bathed in soft alabaster.
"You know me so very well, both inside and out, my love. Even you, a god who walks among the low cannot fully satisfy all of my wanton desires."
The man laughed. His voice possessed a depthless baritone resonance. Its timbre, a dichotic mix of malice and sensuality, caused her to suck in her breath.
"I am not a god. I wish to neither be one nor referred to as such. I despise the countenance of the word."
As the boat gently rocked on the bay waters, he strode purposefully toward her, unaffected, as if on dry land. He possessed a terribly savage beauty that wreaked sexual havoc with her flight, fight, or fuck mechanisms. For her, it was all about primitive, biological instincts.
"I've offended you with my poorly chosen words. I offer my body as a supplication. Do with it what you will."
The man looked down upon her; his eyes were black as the void of space.
"You cannot offer that which I already possess. I will fuck you until your will is broken, dashed against the rigidity of my flesh, and your soul weeps with orgasm."
She shivered, her body trembling with anticipatory fear and desire.
He palmed her sex, and every bone in her body seemed to vaporize into sensual oblivion. She collapsed into the captain chair, her mind disengaged from her body. She had no substance, floating like an untethered balloon into the face of the moon or was it the Eye of Aphrodite?