Thursday, May 12, 2011

Observations from the cheap seats

   I recently took a loved one to the DMV.  I know, its as much as fun as taking a relative to the airport during a hail storm in middle of rush hour traffic and getting stuck in said traffic after you had two cups of coffee and a bran muffin.

I made sure she had all of her paperwork filled out completely; check book ready, etc -bing-bam-boom. We were good to go!

Also- thought it prudent to go in the middle of the week- NOT on a Monday and Friday, arguably the WORST days to go.  I figured might as well get there early-do NOT want to contend with lunch hour crowd.

 Right. So far, so good. We get there and have to wait on the already long, sinuous line.

God forbid, state employees open the doors a second before ten a.m.

Okay, doors unlock, last minute folks who enter the building try to cut the line. I prevent a lynchingUpon reflection, I should have let the mob string up the offenders. I think society would not have lamented their demise.

I have a low tolerance for stupidity. The arrogant, -screw-you- kind of lack of courtesy. I know, harsh punishment for such a minor infraction, granted. However, the would- be line cutters displayed an egregious lack of regard for their fellow DMV sufferers. Loud, obnoxious cell phone calls. Not having their paperwork properly filled out, blaming the DMV for their ignorance.

You get my drift.

I did have some bungee cords in my trunk…it wasn't too late…I'm sure the rest of the horde would back me up with a chorus of "I didn't see nuthins" when the cops showed up.

Actually, I think it’s an affirmative defense in the New York State Criminal Procedural Law.
I'd get off.
 Alas, I resisted temptation.
Now, once we got into the inner sanctum of the DMV, here is where people lose their minds. Like those yahoos at Dunkin Donuts who can't keep track of how many donuts they have after they picked out the first Bavarian cream.
I have a tip. Share a little secret with ya…READ THE SIGNS.
Take a breath. Compose yourself. I know, revolutionary concept, right?
We survived our experience. The secret to our success: Patiently taking the time to fill out all paperwork PRIOR to arrival; taking a few seconds to READ the SIGNS.

In our account less, instant gratification society, we want everything NOW.
Sorry, common senses not included.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sexy image for Saturday- On the wild side.

Feeling feisty  today. 

Can you tell?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Noble Romance Website Relauch Super Saturday

Join me and a host of other talented,funny, and personable authors Saturday, May 7th chat fest. Get thee to Yahoo groups-join Noble Romance Readers and then click on Chat. 

Simple and sooo much fun.

There will be a cornucopia of prizes, included is this rare, collectible T-shirt. Only six in the whole world!

100% Cotton T. Ash-grey, in XL. Great for a sexy bed shirt or wear it while you read one of my sultry tales. In bed. 

So, c'mon down, chance to win some fab stuff and become one of Cutter's Crew. 

Ya know, be one of the cool kids. 

See you there. 

Or I'm coming for you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Most folks are aware I dig the kink. Those of you who have read Summer Heat (those of you who have not-READ IT-NOW!) know that  there is one helluva hot and kinky love scene.

In Darker Side of Heaven, I have a scene that is sexy guessed it..kinky. Not to mention one sizzling four-way fuck fest that is.. (see above blog title)

Now, for my latest venture, a erotic romance/crime thriller that borders need for me to flog a Sub in a gimp suit with a velvet paddle...if you've been paying attention.

Question is what is too much kink? My publisher , Noble Romance, motto is 'Think Kink'.

Yeah, I do, but do readers? 

Obviously, depends on the subject matter. I don't want to alienate traditional erotic romance readers, but at the same time, I do not want to stay confined to the conventions of the genre. 

I want to push the envelope.

Not necessarily tear it to shreds. 

The characters have to resonate..and yes titillate. So does the plot.

So, my dark lovelies, what say you?

Shall I bring it?

Or restrain it?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dark Erotic Romance

Is the Dark sexy? Alluring? Both?

The answer is...yes. And no.

Depends on you, dear reader.

I'd venture to answer in the affirmative, for most. The romance genre is HUGE. Vampires and shape shifters and creatures that lurk in the shadows have always presented an attraction, quite a visceral one, for years. 

Genres outside of romance employ the erotic/romantic elements to flesh out (no pun intended..OK...maybe a little) the tales of crime, horror or other worlds.

Don't get me wrong-other sub genres of Romance have their place and devoted fans. For for me, I enjoy a swim in the black pool of raw emotion. Awash myself in the danger, the adrenaline charged sexuality.

Oh yes.

'Scuze me while I  go skinny dipping. 

Wanna join me?