Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Darker Side of Heaven: The War for humanity begins 08/22/11

Stunning cover art by the talented Fiona Jade. Darkly evocative.

Book Blurb:

Shadows lengthen over the world. Turmoil rages across the globe. 

Something evil this way comes . . . .

Emotionally conflicted avenger Chalice Noire, product of an unholy union of demon and angel, is a slayer to the forces of darkness. Employed by shadowy benefactors in Rome, her sect is commanded by fallen angel Nikolai Voss, whose allegiance is not to the Church, but to the flame of vengeance that burns within.

But Chalice possesses a holy relic, a Weapon of the Mass, which Nikolai desperately craves, and he will stop at nothing to retrieve it, destroying anything or anyone, including his own soul.

Renegade vampire Adam Blake is a recluse, attempting to bury his troubled past and the tortured memory of his former lover, Chalice Noire, in the last frontier of America: the Alaskan wilderness.

Armageddon looms, the agents of light and darkness gather forces. The battle to be fought not on the sands of Biblical prophecy, but in the rugged beauty of Alaska, where Chalice and Adam once again cross paths. Can they reconcile their past to save humanity's future?  


DA Kentner said...

Yay, KB!
Congrats on the upcoming release.

kbcutter said...

Thanks David!