Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pen names

I already use a pen-name. However, I am contemplating expanding my writing repertoire to include  M/M genre and possibly YA.

I have a dark, gritty (gee, shocking, right?) hot and steamy Sci-fi story peculating in me brain. It will include elements of M/F/M and M/M action.

Now, you may wonder why I would choose to use a different pen-name for M/M erotic romance fiction. What the heck is wrong with KB Cutter? Nothing, actually. Its more of a cover for me. Not many of my friends and family or professional colleagues know I write erotic romance.  They know of KB Cutter, the horror dude, but not the erotic romance writer.

I know all they have to do is do a Google search and Wham-Bam they can see my hot and steamy words.

This is the 21st century and there should be no stigma to what I choose to write. Maybe I'm taking the easy route so I don't have to go through the hassle of explaining the why's and what's of my stories.

For now, sadly, it may be the best course of action. Additional  pen names create more work for me. Multiple Twitter/FaceBook accounts. Blogs/websites.  It's manageable, but time consuming. Precious time I need to devote to writing.

BUT, its kinda cool to slip into another persona and be somebody completely different in online social media outlets.

As long as I don't turn into Sybil, that is................


Laurie said...

As a writer of the darkly stories, I use my own name and of the dark and steamy stories I have my pen name. Though my pen name isn't used so much as a cover as it as a name to associate with a certain kind of story. Here's hoping that'll someday be the case for you too, Kb.

Margie Church said...

Your colleagues are probably already checking you out. If they even care. I would be concerned that momentum gained by previous success is gone with having to create this other identity. And don't forget the publicity wagon for the new ID. I can't keep up with the 2 I have and when one does better than the other, I forget about the one that isn't doing so well. You're my pal so I'm saying this out of respect, but I think it would be a huge mistake.

kbcutter said...

Thanks guys fer stopping by. Great advice. I appreciate the support!