Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flash Fiction Sunday

                                               ~A Fall From Grace~

I could not argue with what she said, her spoken words undiluted truth.
I reached to caress her face. She recoiled, disgust curling her lips into a sneer.
“Grace, please, don’t be like this.”
I did not relish the anguished tone of my voice.
She regarded me through narrowed eyes. To her, I was a vile thing. A Creature. Contempt glittered in her dark eyes.
“What the hell did you expect, Nick?”
Her tone accusatory.
I accepted her to swoon, truthfully. An absurd thought, I know. A sigh to escape her full, red lips, guiding my hand over raised flesh. Nipples pebbling as I gingerly rolled them between thumb and forefinger. I wanted her to react when we first meet.
 When we made love.
 When I was alive.
I made a pact with the Devil, a demon in a shimmering red dress. I should have known.
Lies are best whispered in dark places.
I was promised immortality, forever irresistible, a mere look or the faintest of touches; I would have anyone I desired.
  They would adore me; worship me until the end of days.
 Not so with Grace.
 She could always see through me.
 No exceptions. I knew what she saw; her gaze pierced the gossamer veil of humanity cloaking me, nothing more than a ruse.
She was right.
I am a monster.

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