Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sensually sinister snippet

I'm in a  devilish mood and wish to share with you a excerpt from Chapter Three of my edgy, paranormal erotic romance- The Darker side of Heaven. Enjoy the simmering sexual malice.

Chapter Three

The Rinker 400EC sliced through the water, the waves parting like an eager lover's thighs. Carmella Cervantes eased back on the chrome throttle; the power of the engines reverberated in her hand. The tang of the Great South Bay filled her nostrils. Twinkling lights from Fire Island reminded her of fireflies dancing above the shoreline. The cool air washed over her raised skin, both sensuous and chilling at the same time. Her erect nipples ached as the wind kissed the jutting pink bits. Incredibly alive, incredibly hot, basking in the primordial essence of the water around her, she caressed her flat stomach, her fingers trailing between her legs. She teased the engorged nub of her sex. Her thighs quivered as she slipped a finger inside her wet folds.
"You are quite the insatiable one."
She whirled around, startled by his voice. She withdrew a perfectly manicured
fingernail, resting it upon her full lower lip. Her tongue glided over her teeth as she grinned. Her gaze fell to the man's thick shaft. It swung low and heavy, glistening wetly in the wan light of the moon. He was chiseled perfection bathed in soft alabaster.
"You know me so very well, both inside and out, my love. Even you, a god who walks among the low cannot fully satisfy all of my wanton desires."
The man laughed. His voice possessed a depthless baritone resonance. Its timbre, a dichotic mix of malice and sensuality, caused her to suck in her breath.
"I am not a god. I wish to neither be one nor referred to as such. I despise the countenance of the word."
As the boat gently rocked on the bay waters, he strode purposefully toward her, unaffected, as if on dry land. He possessed a terribly savage beauty that wreaked sexual havoc with her flight, fight, or fuck mechanisms. For her, it was all about primitive, biological instincts.
"I've offended you with my poorly chosen words. I offer my body as a supplication. Do with it what you will."
The man looked down upon her; his eyes were black as the void of space.
"You cannot offer that which I already possess. I will fuck you until your will is broken, dashed against the rigidity of my flesh, and your soul weeps with orgasm."
She shivered, her body trembling with anticipatory fear and desire.
He palmed her sex, and every bone in her body seemed to vaporize into sensual oblivion. She collapsed into the captain chair, her mind disengaged from her body. She had no substance, floating like an untethered balloon into the face of the moon or was it the Eye of Aphrodite?


chris lange said...

Mysterious, delicious, beautifully written *she says with a shiver*

kbcutter said...

Many thanks for stopping by, Chris. And much obliged for the kind words!

Margie Church said...

I haven't finished reading your book yet, but it's really good. There are some amazing lines in it - great work...and love the photos north and south of the post. :-)

kbcutter said...

Thank you, Margie. High praise coming from one as talented as you.

Happy ya dig the digs!