Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Most folks are aware I dig the kink. Those of you who have read Summer Heat (those of you who have not-READ IT-NOW!) know that  there is one helluva hot and kinky love scene.

In Darker Side of Heaven, I have a scene that is sexy guessed it..kinky. Not to mention one sizzling four-way fuck fest that is.. (see above blog title)

Now, for my latest venture, a erotic romance/crime thriller that borders need for me to flog a Sub in a gimp suit with a velvet paddle...if you've been paying attention.

Question is what is too much kink? My publisher , Noble Romance, motto is 'Think Kink'.

Yeah, I do, but do readers? 

Obviously, depends on the subject matter. I don't want to alienate traditional erotic romance readers, but at the same time, I do not want to stay confined to the conventions of the genre. 

I want to push the envelope.

Not necessarily tear it to shreds. 

The characters have to resonate..and yes titillate. So does the plot.

So, my dark lovelies, what say you?

Shall I bring it?

Or restrain it?


Margie Church said...

This is just my opinion...ebook publishing gives voice to many authors who previously were turned away. There are publishers who will give those writers a chance to share their stories and I think that's fantastic. Having said that, I think half of the decision is based on what the story requires and the other half is what do you, as the author want? I tend to shut out the external censors when I write and focus on the plot and the characters. Be prepared to take some guff when you don't write safe, but ultimately it's your voice, your choice.

Anonymous said...

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for your public and have no self." Those words are as true now as when they were first penned. If you try to limit yourself based on what you think other people want, you're going to wind up selling them, and yourself, short. Do what you do, the way you you do it, and OWN IT. Put it on a billboard! Let the haters do what they do...which is, um, lemme think here. Oh yeah.
Great post, K.B.!

Angie Cox said...

In my opinion far to many authors stay in the 'safe zone'. No sex before a comitment, always a happy ending most with a wedding. You create characters that flow toward the kink and I enjoy them. For the few that might think it is too much, there are plenty of other authors available.

kbcutter said...

Thanks folks for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts.

Margie- Spot on. The E-pub world is constantly expanding. Be true to my voice and stand by it.

J.S.-Sage advice. Write for me and readers will follow.

Angie-Indeed, I DON'T want to be safe. Those who read my books, I want them to be on edge, to expect the unexpected! Thank you!