Monday, October 3, 2011

18th Floor by Margie Church

The 18th floor is many things. Namely, a hot, viscerally erotic read. While its overt sexuality is readily apparent, there is an undercurrent of tension regarding the characters lifestyles. Margie Church deftly weaves complex sociological and psychological themes in her blistering, sizzling, decidedly adult book.

I enjoyed the depth of compassion Sebi, A Dom, displayed to his novice Sub, Alexa. It's not your typical BDSM story.

Emotionally gratifying and satisfying ( on so many levels), The 18th floor is a must read for anyone who is looking for something outside the usual romance convention.


Margie Church said...

Kb, I'm glad reading The 18th Floor was so satisfying. *wink*

kbcutter said...

Indeed it was. Many times.