Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review Spolight: An Era Apart -Chris Lange

Disclaimer: I purchased the following e-book.

Book Blurb:

A woman, a man. Sausalito California 2011, San Francisco 1899. Although they live "an era apart", their goal is the same: find her missing father. And so, they meet...

Time Travel. Parallel universes. Clash of cultures. High action. Intrigue. Passion. Romance.

Yup. Can't find a better way to spend my time! I had the luxury of immersing myself in this grand tale one overcast Saturday afternoon.  Giant mug o' coffee, nested on the couch with my laptop, favorite plaid wool blanket (hey, no Linus wise cracks) and I let the real world shimmer, melt into the gray of the afternoon.

Tracy Richardson receives a cryptic message concerning her aloof, brilliant professor father may be in danger and steps from the 21st century into 1899 San Francisco, where she meets aristocratically proper Garret Burnes.

Modern sensibilities versus the staid, proper mannerisms of the waning days of the Victorian Era. The clash of culture makes for engaging exchanges and Chris Lange deftly captures each subtle nuance.

Along the way, we are introduced to a colorful cast of characters-the ruggedly masculine gunslinger, Vampire huntress, a humorous, capable Dr. Watson-esque everyman accompanied by his faithful wolf hound and a mysteriously dark and sexy guardian vampire.

The story unraveled like a taut, fast paced graphic novel, with a sizzling dash of sex, and time-crossed lovers.

Get lost in this compelling fantasy this weekend or any-day!

Available here:

An Era Apart


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